Private Wealth Management
What it means
  • Private Wealth Management is more than just investment advice.
  • It can encompass all parts of a person’s financial life from investment, financial, accounting, taxation and legal, to estate planning services.
How it benefits you
  • Sets Goals: The wealth management process can help you crystalize your needs, and assesses the risk-levels you can take in your stride.
  • Preserves and Grows Wealth: Within the objectives of your investments, and your desired time-frame.
  • Manages Risk: The process protects your wealth by covering all insurable risks. It reduces your risk with a diversified investment-portfolio. It uses cash-flow planning as a key to this process.
  •  Offers a Holistic View: View each financial decision as part of the whole. Consider the short and long-term effects of each decision on your life goals. These allow you to adapt more easily to changes in life and make you feel more secure about your goals being on track.
Why Abundanze
  • Smart Recommendations: We work with you to help identify your investment goals, and recommend a solution that is unique to your situation.
  • Comprehensive: For this, we use a wide range of investment strategies including cash, equities, fixed income and mutual funds as well as a range of alternative offerings such as structured products, real-estate funds, venture-funds, and private-equity options.
  • Regular Reviews: of your financial plans ensure that they are still relevant and adequate to meet your needs.
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