What it means
  • A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) gets certain privileges when investing in India.
  • When you graduate from wanting to become the mere owner of property to an investor of property, you need strong financial and investment consulting. We can help you with your “India strategy” for both financial and physical assets. Talk to us
How it benefits you
  • Harness: Investments in India allow you to participate in India’s high economic growth path, one that is balanced, sustainable and supported by rising incomes and high domestic savings.
  • Growth: India’s growth is being further driven by its domestic demand and a strong middle class.
  • Less Dependent on Exports: Strong domestic consumption is a source of great economic strength, and makes India less dependent on exports for its growth.
Why Abundanze
  • Specialized: Our bouquet of services presented here are especially customized when meeting the unique objectives and requirements of Non-Resident Indians.
  • Review: Our one-stop solution gives you access to personalized asset-allocation, world-class fund management, and systematic portfolio-rebalancing
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