Capital Markets
What it means
  • When you wish to leverage your existing investments in shares and mutual funds. Or need funds to invest in them, we can help arrange funds to meet your investment or liquidity needs.
How it benefits you
  • Financial leveraging: is a powerful investment tool to enhance investment returns. You can borrow to acquire additional assets with an objective to multiply gains.
  • Liquidity: Instant liquidity can be provided without having to sell your existing investments.
  • Finance Facility for Purchase of Shares: By paying a margin in the form of cash or approved stocks the rest of the fund requirement can be financed.
  • Margin Funding for Investment in Mutual Funds: By paying a margin of 10% to 40% of the investment amount you can multiply your subscription in mutual fund schemes.
  • Loan against Securities (Term Loan): Loan can be provided against shares, mutual fund units, bonds, insurance policies for a tenure of six to twelve months with a put or call option to meet your liquidity needs.
  • Line of Credit against Securities (Overdraft): Loan with overdraft facility against approved stocks; mutual fund units; bonds. Interest charged on the actual funds utilized with customized disbursement and payment options.
Why Abundanze
  • Hassle-free: Through our partner affiliations we can provide you access to hassle-free loan services.
  • Strategy: We can offer you our strategic consulting services on how to evolve a leveraging strategy for enhancing your investment returns.
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